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City Country, by Vyt Bakaitis

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City Country
by Vyt Bakaitis

Black Thistle Press, 1991
146 pages

City Country is a selection of poems written by the Lithuanian poet Vyt Bakaitis.

"To me, the measure of poetry, besides its immediate content, resides in whether it makes me think about poetry in general-how it relates to all other poetry, and how it relates to language, words, and groupings of words. And how through it all comes a new perception of reality.
Vyt Bakaitis' poetry made me think of it all. While reading it, the immediate content disappeared and I was pulled into something else, into another, mental content produced by the groupings and collagings of words, sentences, images, a completely new reality emerged from it all, a reality like no other poetry. Something else, very very exciting, was added to this world." -Jonas Mekas