Image of Framework Vol. 47, No. 2 (Fall 2006)

Framework Vol. 47, No. 2 (Fall 2006)

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Framework Vol. 47, No. 2 (Fall 2006)
The Journal of Cinema and Media
Framework is an international, peer reviewed journal dedicated to theoretical and historical work on the diverse and current trends in media and film scholarship. The journal’s multicultural coverage, interdisciplinary focus, and the high caliber of its writers contributes to important interconnections between regional cinemas, practioners, academics, critics, and students. Framework is committed to publishing articles from interdisciplinary and global perspectives.

Table of Contents:


Michael Haneke and the Discontents of European Culture
Christopher Sharrett

Haneke, the Long Take, Realism
John David Rhodes

Pain and the Limits of Representation
Brian Price

Benny's Video, Caché, and the Desubstantiated Image
Mattias Frey

Poetry and Film: Cinema as Publication
Scott McDonald

Wet Dreams: Erotic Film Festivals of the Early 1970s and the Utopian Sexual Public Sphere
Elena Gorfinkel

A Business Idea: An Interview with Saul Charney
Drake Stutesman

Dispatch from Mali: A Soap Opera Education
Anh Ly

An Interview with Khalid Mohamed
Priya Kumar