Framework Vol. 46, No. 1 (Spring 2005)


Framework Vol. 46, No. 1 (Spring 2005)
The Journal of Cinema and Media

Framework is an international, peer reviewed journal dedicated to theoretical and historical work on the diverse and current trends in media and film scholarship. The journal’s multicultural coverage, interdisciplinary focus, and the high caliber of its writers contributes to important interconnections between regional cinemas, practioners, academics, critics, and students. Framework is committed to publishing articles from interdisciplinary and global perspectives.

Table of contents:

Sally Shafto
Myth and Narration in Godard’s Hélas pour moi

Scott MacDonald
Collection/Recollection: An Interview with Matthias Müller

On Cinephilia and Women's Cinema in the 1920's
Rosanna Maule and Catherine Russell
Another Cinephilia: Women’s Cinema in the 1920s

Paula Amad
Objects Become Witnesses: Ève Francis and the Emergence of French Cinephilia and Criticism

Amelie Hastie
Historical Predictions, Contemporary Predilections: Reading Feminist Theory Close Up

Haidee Wasson
Mobilizing the Museum: Film at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the 1920's

Jennifer Wild
An Artist’s Hands: Stella Simon, Modernist Synthesis, and Narrative Resistance

Tom Gunning
Light, Motion, Cinema!: The Heritage of Loïe Fuller and Germaine Dulac