Framework Vol. 49, No. 1 (Spring 2008)


Framework Vol. 49, No. 1 (Spring 2008)
The Journal of Cinema and Media

Framework is an international, peer reviewed journal dedicated to theoretical and historical work on the diverse and current trends in media and film scholarship. The journal’s multicultural coverage, interdisciplinary focus, and the high caliber of its writers contributes to important interconnections between regional cinemas, practioners, academics, critics, and students. Framework is committed to publishing articles from interdisciplinary and global perspectives.

Table of Contents:

Drake Stutesman

The Three Sam Spades: The Shifting Model of American Masculinity in the Three Films of The Maltese Falcon
Philippa Gates


The Language of Real Life: Interview with Ousmane Sembène
Kwate Nee Owoo

Art for Man's Sake: A Tribute to Ousmane Sembène
Samba Gadjigo

A Full Integration with Film History: A Tribute to Ingmar Bergman
Astrid Söderbergh Widding

Antonioni and the Place of Modernity: A Tribute
Laura Rascaroli and John David Rhodes

The Current Status of the Real in Film and Television

Nitzan Ben Shaul

Family Secrets: Alan Berliner's Nobody's Business and the (American) Jewish Autobiographical Film
Michael Renov

Self-Despotism: Reality Television and the New Subject of Politics
Jérome Bourdon

The Postcolonial Function of Television's VIrtual Space in '90s Israeli Cinema
Yael Munk

Phantasmatic Losses: National Traumas, Masculinity, and Primal Scenes in Israeli Cinema–Walk on Water
Raz Yosef

Absence as Presence, Presence of Parapraxis: On Some Problems of Representing "Jews" in the New German Cinema
Thomas Elsaesser

Chronic Trauma, the Sound of Terror, and Current Israeli Cinema
Raya Morag

History's Broken Wings: "Narrative Paralysis" as Resistance to History in Amos Gitai's film Kedma
Nurith Gertz and Gal Hermoni

The Young, the Damned, and the Restless: Youth in Contemporary Mexican Cinema
Laura Podalsky