Maria Lassnig Film Works


This English-language publication provides the first comprehensive index of Lassnig’s film works, offering insight into the filmmaker’s world of ideas through a wide selection of Lassnig’s own previously unpublished notes. It also includes a selection of Lassnig's "films in progress" on DVD. Two essays by James Boaden and Stefanie Proksch-Weilguni place Lassnig’s work in the context of the US-American film avant-garde of the 1970s, while conversations with Mara Mattuschka, Hans Werner Poschauko and the restoration team shed a light on the rediscovery of Lassnig’s fascinating films.
The enclosed DVD contains a selection of the "films in progress" series.

Table of Contents

Editor's Foreword
Maria Lassnig Remembered - Reminiscences by International Artists, Curators, Filmmakers
Soul Sisteres: Incorporating Women Artist Filmmakers - James Boaden
"She said she had handpicked the most beautiful ones." A conversation on Maria Lassnig's Filmic Estate - Michael Loebenstein, Mara Mattuscchka, Hans Werner Poschauko
Animation as a Form of Art - Maria Lassnig
On the Digitization and Restoration of Lassning's "Films in Progress" - Michael Loebenstein, Ivana Milos, Claudio Santancini
Optical Printer - Jocelyn Miller
Maria Lassnig: Picturing Bodily Awareness - Stefanie Proksch-Weilguni
Maria Lassnig's Anti-War Film - Beatrice von Borman
Notes on Film - Maria Lassnig
Canonical Films (Art Education; Baroque Statues; Chairs; Couples; Encounter; Iris [Soul Sisters]; Maria Lassnig Kantate (The Ballad of Maria Lassnig); Palmistry; Selfportrait; Shapes)
"Films in Progress"
Films with "Oeuvre Status" (Autumn Thoughts; Black Dancer; Broadway I, II; Dog Film; Godfather I, II, III; Kopf (Head); Moonlanding / Janus Head; Mountain Woman; Nitsch; The Princess and the Shepherd. A Fairytale; Seasons; Souls Sisters. Alice; Soul Sisteres. Bärbl; Sould Sisters. Hilde; Stone Lifting. A Selfportrait in Progress)
Unscreened Films (Adam and Eve; Bronx Zoo; Fabian; Mary Sposeto; Reiner; Roger and Denise; Ronnie; Schmetterlinge (Butterflies); Stara Braska
Biography: Maria Lassnig
Selected Bibliography on Maria Lassning's Films

This DVD contains

Soul Sisters. Alice, 1974/79, 5 min
Autumn Thoughts, ca. 1975, 2 min
Soul Sisters. Bärbl, 1974/79, 5 min
Black Dancer, 1974, 1 min
Broadway I + II, early 1970s, 2 min/1 min
Dog Film, mid-1970s, 3 min
Encounter, 1970, 1 min
Godfather I + II + III, 1974, 5 min/3 min/2 min
Soul Sisters. Hilde, 1972/76, 5 min
Kopf (Head), mid-1970s, 1 min
Moonlanding / Janus Head, early 1970s, 7 min
Mountain Woman, mid-1970s, 8 min
Nitsch, 1972, 5 min
The Princess and the Shepherd. A Fairytale, 1976/78, 13 min
Seasons, 1970, 2 min
Stone Lifting. A Self Portrait in Progress, 1971/75, 7 min