Persistence of Vision No. 2: New German Cinema (1985)

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Persistence of Vision No. 2: New German Cinema (1985)
The Journal of the Film Faculty of The City University of New York

Eric Rentschler - How American Is It: The U.S. as Image and Imaginary in German Film
Miriam Hansen - The Stubborn Discourse: History and Story-Telling in the Films of Alexander Kluge
Noël Carroll - Herzog, Presence, and Paradox
Tamara Evans - The Silence of Ideology and the Ideology of Silence in Peter Handke’s The Left-Handed Woman
Anton Kaes - History, Fiction, Memory: Fassbinder’s The Marriage of Maria Braun
E. Ann Kaplan - Discourses of Terrorism, Feminism, and the Family in von Trotta’s Marianne and Juliane
Helmut Herbst - New German Cinema, 1962–83: A View from Hamburg
Ingrid Scheib-Rothbart - German Film Distribution and Exhibition in the United States: A Chronology