Persistence of Vision No. 3/4: Double Issue on Genre (1986)

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Persistence of Vision No. 3/4: Double Issue on Genre (1986)
The Journal of the Film Faculty of The City University of New York

Barry K. Grant - Experience and Meaning in Genre Films
Leger Grindon - Romantic Archetypes and Political Meaning in the Historical Fiction Film
Scott Bukatman - Battles with Songs: The Soviet Historical Film as Historical Document
Jonathan Buchsbaum - Tame Wolves and Phony Claims: Paranoia and Film Noir
R. Barton Palmer - Film Noir and the Genre Continuum: Process, Product, and The Big Clock
Andrew Horton - Political Assassination and Cinema: Alan J. Pakula’s The Parallax View
Elizabeth G. Traube - Redeeming Images: The Wild Man Comes Home
Martin Rubin - Genre and Technology: Variant Attitudes in Science Fiction Literature and Film
Christopher Sharrett - Myth and Ritual in the Post-Industrial Landscape: The Horror Films of David Cronenberg
Richard M. Barsam - American Direct Cinema: The Re-presentation of Reality

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