Persistence of Vision No. 6: Independent Film (1988)


Persistence of Vision No. 6: Independent Film (1988)
The Journal of the Film Faculty of the City University of New York

R. Barton Palmer - Blood Simple: Defining the Commercial/Independent Text
Flo Leibowitz - Neither Hollywood nor Godard: The Strange Case of Stranger Than Paradise
Jon Lewis - The Independent Filmmaker as Tragic Hero: Francis Coppola and the New American Cinema
Raymond Carney - Love’s Dreams: The Work of John Cassavetes
Maitland McDonagh - The Enigma of David Lynch
Richard Porton - Gimme Shelter: Dionysus at Altamont
Steve Barnes - Independence within Limits: The Influence of Alternative Cinema on American Independent Feature Filmmaking
Mitchell Rosenbaum - Interview with Yvonne Rainer
Book reviews on David Byrne, Max Headroom, Spike Lee, Michael Cimino, John Sayles, and Larry McMurtry