Persistence of Vision No. 9: Early Cinema (1991)

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Persistence of Vision No. 9: Early Cinema (1991)
The Journal of the Film Faculty of the City University of New York

Tom Gunning - Enigmas, Understanding, and Further Questions: Early Cinema Research in Its Second Decade Since Brighton
Emmanuelle Toulet - Cinema at the Universal Exposition, Paris, 1900
Charlie Keil - Steel Engines and Cardboard Rockets: The Status of Fiction and Nonfiction in Early Cinema
Charles Musser - Pre-Classical American Cinema: Its Changing Modes of Film Production
André Gaudreault - Singular Narrative, Iterative Narrative: Au Bagne (Pathé, 1905)
Roberta E. Pearson and William Uricchio - “How to Be a Stage Napoleon”: Vitagraph’s Vision of History
Shelley Stamp Lindsey - Wages and Sin: Traffic in Souls and the White Slavery Scare
Richard Abel, Book Review: An Incomparably Incoherent Cinema
Charlie Keil, Book Review: Primitive No More: Early Cinema’s Academic Coming of Age